Lizbeth: A Victorian Nightmare

A Look at the Life of Lizzie Borden


Lizbeth A Victorian NIghtmare DVD


On August 4th 1892 abrutal double murder occurred in the New England town of Fall River Massachusetts.A rich Victorian city which held some of the wealthiest people in America.Over One Hundred years later the crime is still one of the most infamous inhistory. The woman at the center of the crime has become one of the mostinfamoous personalities in American history, her name: Lizzie Borden.

Lizbeth: A Victorian Nightmare is adocumentary film about the legend and lore of Lizzie Borden. A woman who was once accused but aquited of the crime ofkilling her father and stepmother. The documentary looks not only at the factsof the murder but  at the popularity ofthe crime and the interest people people have in it  which has been sustained for over One hundred years. Now own the 1 hr documentary along with 15 minutes of additional film never seen before


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